By Dru Macasieb
Originally Written: December 10th, 2016
Updated: February 19, 2019
Any kind of change to your schedule may put students off the track we’ve planned, and it may be challenging to guarantee full-time status,  4.0+ credits per mod, or the maximization of financial aid. The best rule of thumb: Do not fail a class or change your schedule. However, we understand that everyone’s situation is different.  Here are some useful guidelines regarding changing courses, dropping, online courses, and shift changes.


Changing Courses

  • It is ill-advised that students change their scheduled courses. However, if you need to change a course please speak to the education department, student services, or the registrar. 
  • Last Day to change an on-ground course is Day 3 of the first week of the mod (on the approval of the education department).
  • Last day to be placed online or switch an online course is Day 2 of the first week (usually Tuesday). 
  • Tip: Any schedule changes should be requested via email prior to the start of the mod. The email should include reasons for the requested changes, the more detailed the better. Please send this email to your dean or faculty program advisor, and the registrar, and CC student services so that all are informed.
  • Tip: It is always better to request changes via email and physically go to campus to speak to the education department, student services, or the registrar to ensure any scheduled changes are made before the deadline. 
    • If a student does not have a class, they will eventually become a drop after 14 days of non-attendance (if a student has no class, no attendance can be given). 
    • If you do not attend the first week of your current course, both online and on-ground, you will be dropped from that course. We do not want students being charged for courses, therefore we will automatically drop students who miss the first week (which is 25% of the course). 
    • If you do not post attendance a for 14 consecutive days (both online and on-ground), you will be dropped from that college. Again, we do not want to charge students who are not participating in the course.
    • If you drop a course during the first week, without posting attendance, on-ground or online, you will not be charged for that course or received a letter grade.
    • If you drop the first week, but attend any portion (on-ground or online), you will be charged (should be pro-rated) and will get a “W” Grade.
    • If you drop after the first week, will receive an automatic letter grade of “F”
    • Tip: After the first week, might as well finish the course and try as best as possible to get a D or better. A letter grade of “D” is passing, which is always better than an “F” grade. However, keep in mind that in order to receive a degree, students must graduate with a GPA of 2.0 or better. 
    • Tip: It is always better to drop at the end of your term, as dropping in the middle of a term may affect financial aid and any benefits associated with enrollment.
    • Online courses at CCSD are provided by a consortium agreement with our affiliated school, Independence University. 
    • To be considered and on-ground student, you must take 51% of your courses on ground. Vice-versa for online students.
    • Students can take an online class only if they are at or above a 2.5 GPA or with special approval from their Associate Dean.
    • If you need to be put online for the mod, the last day to enroll for online classes is Tuesday of the first week (that’s if a class you need is available and there are seats open). No exceptions.
    • If students want to switch to completely online they will be dropped from CCSD and must apply to  Independence University (out sister school).
    • If you have an online class you must take it and pass so that you don’t go off track.
    • The last day to make changes (add or switch) to an online course is the second day of the mod (usually that’s Tuesday). 
    • Tip: How to Survive an Online Class at Independence University
Switching Shifts from Day to Evening or Vice-versa 
  • In order to switch from day to evening and vice-versa, fill out a change of status form on or before Day 1 of the mod. Please see the education department, student services or the registrar to fill out a change of status form. 
  • Tip: Switching shifts is much easier if the classes needed are available.
  • Tip: Before switching shifts, discuss it with your instructor or the education department, especially if the switch is only temporary. They may be able to provide an alternative solution that works better in your situation. 

If you need further details regarding CCSD policies please refer to the college catalog. 


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