The mission of California College San Diego’s Alumni Association is to support the college and its graduates to foster involvement between alumni, students, and the community.

To be part of CCSD’s Alumni Association, sign up using this form. Benefits of being an Alumni are:

  • Career Services: Members of California College San Diego Alumni Association have access to in-person and online career resources. Benefits include Job Listings, Resume Critiques, Career Resource Lab, Graduate & Professional School information, Career Fairs, and Individual Career Services. 
  • Audit Courses: Alumni experiencing difficulty in securing employment have the opportunity to audit one or more courses at the College, at no charge, to update professional skills, employment techniques, and social interaction. More information can be found on the college catalog.
  • Professional Development Workshops: Alumni are able to attend monthly workshops held by CCSD. These two-hour workshops are in a variety of topics and all who attend will receive a certificate specific to that workshop. More information can be found on the Professional Development Workshop Page.
  • Certifications: Alumni can take advantage of the resources available for the certifications we offer. Currently, we have various certifications in these areas of study: computer science, business, and healthcare.
  • Program Advisory Committee Membership: As an Alumni, you’ll able to participate in the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) that helps shape our curriculum. As a PAC member, you’ll be able to network with members, access our career centers for future interns and applicants. You’ll be also able to list that you are a PAC member on your resume, which would be a demonstration of your dedication to community service and curriculum development.